The Ansitz Strasserwirt in Tyrol is a historic manor house that has preserved its attention to detail over generations to offer its guests an unforgettable experience.

A place of Tyrolean hospitality,

der mit Genuss und Entspannung überzeugt.

The Strasserwirt immerses its guests in a magical place in the midst of breathtaking Tyrolean nature, combining tradition and modernity. The estate has been family-owned for many generations and

pampers its guests with Tyrolean hospitality. The Strasserwirt offers its guests a unique experience of relaxation and culinary delights at the highest level.

Tradition meets modern sophistication

The redesign of the logo creates a contemporary and appealing visual identity that reflects the uniqueness and versatility of the hotel. The logo consists of three doors, reminiscent of the large wooden doors of the Ansitz. The three pillars represent the Ansitz, the Gourmetstub'n and the Spavillon. As the icing on the cake, an element of the Fraktur script found on the walls of the Ansitz was placed above the icon.

Moderne Eleganz: Die Strasserwirt-Farbpalette

The colours chosen for the corporate design are fresh and modern, but at the same time noble and timeless. They appear neutral, but there is a well-thought-out colour symbolism behind them. The dark brown is based on the traditional elements of the doors, the greens refer to the natural aspect, the gold is luxurious and noble, the dusty pink adds a feminine touch that is also reflected in the façade, and the beige provides a neutral balance.

The three pillars of the hotel create an unforgettable experience during the stay. An the “Ansitz”, you can immerse yourself in the history and tradition of the hotel. In the “Gourmetstub'n”, guests are pampered with delicacies and taken on a culinary journey. The “Spavillon” is a place of rest and relaxation. Guests are immersed in a world of tranquillity and regeneration.


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