Eulentaler is a German company that conjures up moments of happiness on paper for (expectant) parents and children.

More than just products - a matter of the heart.

Eulentaler offers a magical world for parents and their little darlings. The company is inspired by the longing for memories and the joy of sharing wonderful moments. For the company 

enchanting posters and playful milestone cards were designed. The products are childlike and playful in design to put a smile on the faces of both children and adults.

Magical cards for magical moments

With the milestone cards from Eulentaler, special events in the first year of life can be recorded and kept in a matching keepsake box for the future. The cards are a delicate link between fantasy and reality. Each card is a small work of art and uniquely designed to match the theme, conveying the joy of filling it out. The cards are designed to capture the children's small and big milestones - from their first smile to their first step.

The posters by Eulentaler transform every children's room into a magical wonderland. Each poster adds a touch of magic to the children's room, inviting them to play and dream.

Design that enchants

The design of the product line reflects the pure joy of childhood. The playful watercolour illustrations of the animal motifs create an atmosphere of lightness and wonder. Each element has been carefully designed to celebrate the beauty of those special moments. The illustrations are like dreams captured on paper. They tell stories of adventures, friendships and boundless imagination. Every detail is lovingly crafted to touch the hearts of parents and children alike.

The Eulentaler colour palette shimmers in soft pastel shades that create a calming and inviting atmosphere. Delicate brown and beige tones convey a natural authenticity, while subtle colour accents add a playful touch.


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