Bacino is a place of enjoyment. The Mediterranean restaurant is designed to enchant everyone, young and old, with its unique atmosphere.

Culinary pleasures of Mediterranean lightness

The aromas and flavours of the Mediterranean are combined in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Bacino aims to create a unique fusion of modern flavours and authentic, traditional 

ingredients. Attention to detail has created a gastronomic experience that takes guests on a culinary voyage of discovery.

The restaurant branding incorporates a diverse range of products that bring the unique concept to life. The menus have been lovingly designed and feature images of the delicious dishes, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a culinary world. The takeaway food packaging has been designed in a range of sizes and is stylistically consistent with Bacino's branding. Workwear and chef's aprons for the staff were also created in a matching design.

Unique illustrations

Mediterranean restaurant Bacino aims to create a fusion of flavours with a blend of contemporary taste and imagery that brings the food and brand to life. As part of the branding for Bacino, enchanting illustrations were created that capture the essence of the Mediterranean ingredients. They add an artistic touch to the culinary experience.

A touch of Mediterranean green

The soft shade of green plays a leading role in Bacino's branding. Inspired by the lush nature of the Mediterranean, it gives the restaurant a fresh and calming atmosphere. From the logo signage to the entrance and packaging, Mediterranean green is a common thread throughout the branding, evoking the beauty and diversity of the Mediterranean landscape.


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