Selor* is a first-class fish restaurant on the Black Sea coast. They serve exclusive creative dishes with a unique taste. The branding was created to capture the essence of the unique taste and experience at Selor. Their motto "Seafood reinterpreted" is a common thread throughout the design. The incorporated topographical map pattern symbolises the seabed and thus the origin of the food. Fresh from the Black Sea to your plate - with an unexpected twist. A twist driven by passion. By creative freedom. For the love of the extraordinary.

Seafood newly interpreted.

The branding makes a high-quality and luxurious impression. It not only conveys the taste of seafood, but also the company values. Selor strives to provide its customers with high-quality, refined taste as well as excellent service.

Since day one, their genuine love for their customers and passion for creative dishes with a twist have defined who they are and what they do. The brand design visually reflects the core of the company and helps them deliver their values.

A taste driven by passion.
Creativity. Innovation. Art.

*Fictional branding project


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