Markt der Zukunft


The "Markt der Zukunft" festival took place in 2020 at the Kunsthaus Graz. Our team took part in the pitch for the festival branding with the following design concept. Our design completely follows the motto:

"One small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind."

The event design is future-oriented, friendly, sustainable and has a high recognition value. Throughout the festival, both the content and the visuals make it clear that even a single person can contribute something to "fix" the future.

Future-oriented. Hopeful. Modern.

The entrance ticket for the festival is also a stamp pass, the purpose of which is to be filled in order to receive a goodie bag at the end. Each spatially separated thematic area of the festival has its own stamp. The stamps are the elements from the visuals, each of which stands for an area at the festival. In this way, each of the areas illustrates a part of the big picture.

The merchandise on offer will be environmentally friendly products, some made of sustainable bamboo wood with design elements of the festival engraved on them. These include, for example, coffee mugs, Rubik Cubes, cooking spoons, potted plants, cereal bowls, mind teaser boxes, cutting boards and drink lids. The contents of the bags are, for example, seed spoons, local teas in different flavours and organic honey.

The design concept

Each area is assigned a specific icon. The subcategories are marked with further icons. The icons consist of basic geometric shapes in five different colours. Shape and colour refer to the core themes of the event and are meant to illustrate the modern and innovative character of the festival.

This has resulted in a unique visual concept with a high recognition value that can be used in many ways. Individual elements are variable and can be combined well.

Social media campaign

For the campaign, a lot of social media content is planned instead of wasteful paper flyers, because unfortunately, advertising flyers are often thrown away immediately after they have been given a brief glance.

#meinbeitragzurzukunft - With this hashtag, the Instagrammers also signed up to be shown on an LED wall at the festival. The posts from each section were shown on the wall. We designed the entire social media campaign. Our ideas for Instagram challenges included "Post a photo with your plant", "I buy local and sustainable" and " Transform old into new". 


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