Collage Club


Collage Club is a UK-based online app that allows its customers to create beautiful printed and framed collages of their most treasured memories with their friends or family. We worked with Thomas Drake - the founder and CEO of the company - to create a memorable and emotional branding and an intuitive webshop design.

Frame the moment. Frame the sensation. Frame the emotion.

Die Hauptaufgabe des Brandings bestand darin, das subtile warme Gefühl zu vermitteln, wenn man durch die Bilder von geliebten Momenten, wunderschönen Landschaften und geschätzten Menschen blickt. Erlebe die wertvollsten Erinnerungen neu. Rahme sie ein und hänge das Bild an deine Wand. Spüre den Komfort, der dadurch im Raum entsteht.

This is exactly why the corporate identity for Collage Club represents the core message of the brand: To give a frame to the most precious memories! To bring the images into focus, we came up with this minimalist yet personal design. The logo is a memorable c+c - monogram that represents a frame.

Alternative branding proposals

While we were working on the brand identity, we explored two other possible art directions. The first focuses on a comfortable serif-based logo and hand-drawn framing elements that symbolise the personal touch of each collage. The second uses a c+c "eternity" monogram that serves as a visual metaphor for the precious moments that last forever.

Webshop design - personal, simple, intuitive

The website design is simple, user-friendly and modern. It is based on a strong user experience design and tests with potential customers. The focus is on the intuitive collage creation process. The main USP of Collage Club is that you can collaborate with friends and family. This presented the challenge of creating an intuitive collaboration process for users. Custom icons and illustrations were used to reinforce the overall feeling of comfort and warmth, adding a more personal touch to the company and branding. The combination of the illustrations and the pleasant colour scheme allows the user to emotionally connect with the brand. The result is a highly communicative web design that is also personal and emotional.

Comfort & Warmth. Delightful custom illustrations that add a personal touch.

Simple communication. Optimized check-out process.


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