Rattatat is a Canadian furnishing brand that pursues a sustainable approach and is characterized above all by a very specific material: rattan. With home accessories that are produced fairly, shipped in an environmentally friendly way and have a homely, modern style, the brand is popular beyond national borders. This special approach to the brand is reflected in the corporate design, because also here emphasis was placed on natural, atmospheric and contemporary design. 

Set up your own home - sustainable and fair.

Rattatat is a Canadian importer of handmade rattan and seagrass items. The brand produces for chillers, couch potatoes, interior designer, kids and babies. And all with an ethical background, led by a wonderful and strong woman - pure girl power!

With a lot of love, the Rattatat brand manages to produce particularly sustainable furniture and home accessories. In this way, your own home can shine in its new and beautiful natural look and you can enjoy it with a clear conscience.

In todays time we want to fill our homes with meaningful things more than ever – collected as souvenirs on our vacations, inherited as memories from our parents or simply bought. Rattatat wants to create some of these memories and be part of them.

The material rattan spreads a warm, cozy feeling. The brown tones and robust texture help to ground and calm the aura in any room. Rattatat aims to capture this in its furniture with the help of modern design and craftsmanship.

A warm and cozy feeling,
calm and grounded.

Home items made of rattan and seagrass,
two beautiful and natural materials.

What kind of material is rattan actually? - Rattan is a natural product obtained from the lianas of the rattan palm. The rattan palm is a climbing plant that is widespread in Southeast Asia. The lianas can grow up to 200 m long and 5 cm thick and grow back very quickly, so natural rattan is perfect for sustainable furniture production. Mostly rattan is used for wicker and braided wicker furniture, especially chairs and armchairs.

The Rattatat brand conveys not only its products, but an entire attitude towards life. With its numerous articles made of rattan and seagrass, Rattatat gives ideas for living and shows how you can create a calm, pleasant and cozy atmosphere in your own four walls with the smallest effort. So it’s super easy to create your little oasis of well-being in these fast-moving times, where you can relax as much as possible.


Take the time to treat yourself well.

Never before has self-care been as important and capitalized as it is today. Taking care of yourself is not just about getting enough sleep, exercising and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Self-care also means treating yourself from time to time. And that self treatment starts with the relaxing me-time that you should give yourself: read a book, watch a movie, pursue your latest hobby, ideally in peace and quiet within your own four walls. But in order to get the best use of it, your own home should be designed as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Rattatat will help you with that.

A calm and organic design approach.

The design created by our agency perfectly reflects the aura and mission of the Rattatat brand with its natural and pleasant colors. The earthy and calm colors show the viewer at first glance that these are natural products and are therefore very suitable for the brand.

The choice of font is also very pleasant, delicate and rounded, matching the organic illustrations, which were individually and lovingly created by the Unerwartet members. This special project expresses femininity, sustainability and harmony.

Unerwartet has created the entire Rattatat Branding. After that, as already mentioned, the illustrations were made. These were followed by the design and planning of the Social Media platforms.

User-friendly & appropriate for the target group.

Lastly we created the UX/UI design for Rattatat’s entire online store. We used the elements and the color palette of the branding or corporate design that we also made to create a consistent appearance. In the entire project, great importance was attached to a user-friendly, personal and harmonious design in order to address the target group in the best possible way.

"Unerwartet was amazing, super responsive and their designs are beautiful. I will use them again for illustrations, logo development and branding guidelines."



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