The branding enhances Asian culinary and culture. It transfers not only the taste of Asian delicacies but also the values of Kilin at first glance. Kilin embodies the principle of sharing food as well as memories at the all-you-can-eat buffet, teppan grill and running sushi.

Delicious food. Authentic design.
The Kilin restaurant.

Kilin is an Asian fusion cuisine in Hall in Tirol, Austria. The restaurant offers a comprehensive range of all-you-can-eat buffets, running sushi and Teppan grill options. Our goal was to pack this diversity and the Asian culture into a new branding that graphically captures this special experience.

We started with the redesign of the logo, which was perfected and modernized. A full branding was then created based on this, using traditional colors and elements of Asian culture in a modern way to reflect the values ​​of the restaurant.

A special experience.

The branding is used for the design of the menu, business cards, vouchers and an information flyer. With these advertising and print products, clarity, organization and an appealing presentation of the meals are particularly important. In order to underline the quality and sophistication of the restaurant, we decided on partial refinements with golden highlights. The gold goes perfectly with the rich dark red and the fresh light beige, which form the main colors of the palette.

Food & memories.
A tempting combination.

All you can eat. All you can see.

To make the Kilin experience perfect, the responsive web design completes the overall picture. Nowadays, most restaurant visitors search online in advance for the menu, offers, opening hours and impressions of the chosen restaurant. For this reason, the web design must be particularly easy to use, appealing and, above all, informative in order to convince potential customers and give them a comprehensive impression of the restaurant.


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