After 100 years of success, the German freight forwarding company Michel commissioned us to modernize their logo. The original idea of ​​the dynamic letter "M" should be retained. The new logo has allowed Michel to visualize the innovative aspect of the company. Subsequently, new truck tarpaulins, business cards, calendars, flags, stationery and stickers were designed in the style of the new branding.

Family business with a history

Michel aims to successfully combine the values ​​of tradition and modernization. The brand refresh embodies exactly this combination. Our main task was to modernize the logo and visuals and to better communicate the brand's values ​​(innovative, reliable, future-oriented) visually.

The color combination and dynamic shape of the logo should be retained to ensure brand recognition. Quality is always the top priority, this should be done through sustainable management and a more attractive and improved image of the company.

Solid brand-strategy. Data-focused design solution. Goal-oriented brand refresh.

Michel logo

A good logo is key to successful branding. Even though the logo is just part of the company's brand, it's the first thing potential customers see. From then on, we made sure that the logo redesign provided the foundation for the overall narrative that the brand is built on. It has the recognition value and character of the old one, but still looks to the future. The new Michel logo will be used on all kinds of marketing materials such as business cards, calendars, flags and stickers.

Truck design

The branding is also used for the design of the Michel trucks. Her look is clean, modern and immediately catches the eye. The original yellow-green color combination is used for the logistic trucks. A geometric line pattern shows the road network. The white truck design looks more sterile and futuristic. It is used to transport food.


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