Naturline's product range is produced using the highest quality vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. In collaboration with renowned health experts, Naturline thus seeks to inspire people to live a more natural lifestyle. They believe: wellness is not just a state of mind, but a balance of nutrition, exercise and hydration. We were therefore commissioned to design Naturline's Amazon webshop and create a consistent visual identity.


Powered by nature.

Supported by science.

Amazon listings were created for the entire product range, which at the time consisted of 18 nutritional supplements. They were created in 5 languages: German, English, Italian, French and Spanish. We also designed the entire storefront in an uniform style.

As part of the project, we created detailed illustrations of the ingredients inspired by vintage botanical drawings. In addition, an icon set was developed for the different properties of the products (p. e. vegan, sugar free, colorant free), based on an already existing icon design.


18 products. 5 languages.

For each product, an Amazon listing was created in 5 languages. The pictures show the ingredients, explain what they do to the Body and are intended to inspire the viewer and convince him of the effectiveness of the products. 

Colors, icons & illustrations

The color palette consists of 3 main colors - these reflect nature, the high quality standard and science. Together they create a harmonious overall image that emphasizes the identity of Naturline. 

An icon set consisting of 12 individual icons was created. It is used to represent the various properties of the products and can be used universally.

Inspired by vintage botanical drawings, illustrations of the ingredients were created. They are characterized by their high level of detail and are intended to convince the viewer of the naturalness of the products and instill trust in the company. The illustrations are used in a purposeful manner throughout the web store, bringing all elements together to create a harmonious overall picture.

Wellness is the balance of diet, exercise and hydration.

"Unerwartet is a professional, reliable and overall excellent partner for our company. They took the time to understand our needs, proactively provided sensible and creative suggestions and fully met our expectations!"

- Desislava Stancheva, Naturline


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