Bugcrowd is an Australian cybersecurity strategy firm that provides businesses with on-demand cybersecurity specialists, tools and partners. We worked with their art director, Samuel Tyler, on the design of the brand book, creating unique illustrations in two styles and personalized icons for the company. These graphic elements increase Bugcrowd brand recognition and make it stand out on the cybersecurity market.

Consistency. Simplicity. Emotion.

A guide to a data-secure future.

Our main task was to design and implement a consistent brand identity across platforms and applications for Bugcrowd. The brand book shows the correct use of logo, colors, typography, photography, iconography and illustration. In addition, it demonstrates the brand's history and values, elevating the brand book to a guideline in realizing their vision of a future where our data is safe. A guide that everyone can follow.

The challenge of the project was to create and combine two different aesthetics that convey Bugcrowd's identity. The first is a combination of a simple and corporate flat art illustration style and simple icons. This style is used to illustrate complex concepts in a simple understandable way. The second illustration style is a bit more artistic. This style shows the values, mission and vision of the brand in an emotional way.

Simple Icons

The custom icons we created for Bugcrowd are minimalistic, on-brand, and modern. Easy-to-understand visual metaphors were created that work universally. The icons are used in Bugcrowd's brand book and website to enhance immediate perception of the brand's key qualities and services.

Illustrations style 1 - classic flat art

Simple and corporate flat art style is used to explain complex concepts in a simple way. They use the Bugcrowd background pattern, corporate colors and a minimalistic style to stay consistent. The metaphors help Bugcrowd's customers to understand which data security threats and challenges exist, what impact they can have, and how Bugcrowd can help to protect their personal information.

Illustrations style 2 - A creative expression

The second style of illustration is more artistic and focuses on emotions. This style allows Bugcrowd to connect with its employees and customers on a deeper, more sensitive level. The illustrations use a rich, warm color palette to draw the viewer's attention. They have a visibly grainy texture that allows them to not only depict light and shadow, but to create a unique style with an artistic touch. The illustrations were implemented on various special edition merchandise materials and on an awareness poster campaign.

Simple illustrations telling complex stories.

Emotional depth. Unique style.


“It was a pleasure working with Unerwartet Design on this complex brand identity project. They adapted to change and articulated their ideas well. I give them my sincere recommendation.”

– Samuel Tyler, Art director – Bugcrowd


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