Gut Pössnitzberg


The Gut Pössnitzberg in southern Styria combines traditional vinery with stylish charm and also creates a wellness oasis for everyone who wants to take a break from the fast-paced everyday life. A philosophy that embodies so many emotions requires a unique branding which not only captures them, but also creates a work of art in itself that invites you to dream.

Gut Pössnitzberg.

Country life with a modern flair.

The Gut Pössnitzberg vineyard covers an area of 30 hectares and has been owned by Thomas Leventschnig since 2020. The highlight is the wine and sparkling wine competence centre. At the same time, the estate is a place to feel good and relax. The brand is clearly positioned as a premium product. 

Economic success is defined as an increase in individual guests, wine travelers, seminars and weddings. Every co-entrepreneur is part of the Pössnitzberg family. The wine hotel is not a “one man show” because the secret to mutual success lies in the team.

The winery is not only characterized by its distinctive wine and the unique location in the idyllic vineyards of southern Styria, but also conveys a unique attitude to life with its profound values, which makes the stay on the estate a holistic experience.

A special promise

Unlike other holiday destinations, Gut Pössnitzberg does not want to impress with a rich program of activities and countless entertainment options. Rather, it wins its visitors with a very special promise. The promise of escaping the hectic pace of everyday life and arriving back in the now. The promise to consciously enjoy the beautiful facets of the area and with all your senses. And the promise to experience inspiring moments and take rich memories home with you.

Handcrafted & optimized for every application

Part of the corporate design is not only the minimalist, meaningful logo, but also various applications of the design in web and print. The heart of the branding are the handcrafted, individual brushstroke artworks, which are completed with golden highlights, giving the overall concept an artistic and at the same time luxurious atmosphere.


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