Lorato* is an Austrian fair-trade, organic chocolate company with the mission to create a more beautiful, compassionate and sustainable world by responsibly making delicious and empowering products for everyone.

The chocolate revolution.

Rooted in the passion for a better tomorrow.

For them, it‘s about more than chocolate. They believe that organic ingredients and local production are better for both the people and the planet and that fair-trade guidelines are essential to ensure that farmers receive a living wage for their work.

Furthermore, they strive to change the world by donating 15% of their profits to resolving ecological and social crises and help creating a new blooming world for everyone. "We regrow. We reunify. We redefine. Be part of us. Let us start the chocolate revolution."

A new way to make a difference

Lorato offers the conscious consumers a unique buying experience - the satisfaction of making a small contribution in improving the world while enjoying a tasteful organic product. There are three donation and chocolate categories: Regrow (for the planet), Reunify (for the people), Redefine (for the future).

With every purchase, we can not only satisfy our private happiness but also raise living standards for people and the environment around the world. Lorato products go beyond their look and function. They carry deeper layers of meaning. Offer us a new perspective on how we see the world. A new way to interact with it. To make a difference.

Symmetrical sustainability

Through refined product concept and production cycle, sustainable brand strategy, eco-friendly packaging design or simple inc reduction, designers can be a driving point towards a sustainable tomorrow. The second part of the book presents an example of how sustainable brands can change the world. Chocolate is often called “the food of Gods” and the whole world seems to be in love with it! However, because of the land use and the production process, chocolate is also the fifth-biggest producer of greenhouse gasses per kilogram in the food industry.

That led to the decision to reinvent the way chocolate is looked upon and consumed. The goal was simple: to find a way to make chocolate as sweet for the farmers and the land as it is for the end consumer. The LORATO brand concept was born. See the full case study about the branding and the packaging design here.

Logo Design and Typography

The logo design of Lorato is strong and stable, yet very subtle and soft. It has a lot of character brought from the customized typography and its easy to remember repeating circular forms of the letter “o”. They show unity and commitment, the connection between the people and the planet, now and tomorrow.

The main brand colors are earthy brown tones, giving a sense of strength and reliability; feelings of warmth, comfort, and security, honesty, ecology and high quality. And of course, brown is the color of cacao and is commonly associated with the chocolate itself. In addition to the brown tones, soft pastel colors were used to represent the different ingredients, tastes and causes on the 10 chocolate boxes.

Reconnect to a higher purpose.

We are, each and every one, a part of the web of life. The continuum of humanity, sure, but in a larger sense, the web of life itself. And we have a choice to make during our brief, brief visit to this beautiful blue and green living planet: to hurt it or to help it. With every product we buy, we can make that choice, we can create a difference.

The revolutionary chocolate company Lorato illustrates the power of sustainable brands. They can help us reflect on our mistakes and reconnect with a higher purpose. They can shift our perspectives and influence our reality. They can start a revolution. Lorato is way more than a chocolate - it is a vision for a new blooming sustainable world.

*Fictional branding project (created as part of "The Chocolate Revolution" Bachelor thesis)


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