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Vinivia is a Switzerland-based provider of interactive livestreaming solutions. With their video hosting platform, they intend to redesign the live streaming experience of the future. Their approaches to redesign online events can be seen as innovative and future-driven, convincing even the biggest international players to reach out.

Vinivia -Titelbil

Revolutionize online streaming

Do it LIVE.

The challenge was to capture this unique streaming experience in a whole branding concept, starting with a completely new website that conveys the image of a dynamic, friendly and cutomer-centered brand. Aiming to make users and investors feel welcomed, inspired and inclined to take action.

The solution was a modern, joyful, colorful and intuitive webdesign to create the feeling of optimism and future success. The launch of the Vinivia website in October 2020 was an immediate success. It helped Vinivia collect investments with overall worth of over 11 Million CFH.

Vinivia Webdesign - mobile Webseite

A promising design:

Success that can be measured.

Vinivia - Pitch Deck
Vinivia - Social Media Unterstützung

Advertising not only online, but also in print

In addition to the website, the overall Vinivia concept extends to various print media such as business cards, advertising flyers, stationery and invitation cards. In order to complete the corporate design, the right exterior and interior signage should not be missing. All components remain true to the precisely defined design elements and thus create a coherent mood that convinces the viever in every way.

Vinivia - Flyer Design
Vinivia - corporate T-Shirt Design

Vinivia car design

In the course of further company expansion due to the enormous success that Vinivia has been able to record since the website was launched, we were able to expand the contingent of branded advertising material and increase the brand recognition value.

As a result, we had the exciting task of designing the surface of the company vehicles in the familiar Vinivia design. With no doubt, the result is worth a look and immediately catches the eye on the otherwise monotonous and grey road.

* Full rights to the original picture belong to Volvo. The mock-up is just a visualization of the car stickers.

Vinivia Auto Beklebung
Vinivia Autobeklebung
Vinivia Autobeklebung
Vinivia Autobeklebung
Vinivia Autobeklebung
Vinivia Autobeklebung
Vinivia Autobeklebungungen - die Trio

Special events

But Vinivia also cuts a fine figure on ice. Recently we developed an outstanding jersey design for the EVZ, who are cooperating with Vinivia as advertising partners. As a long-term customer of our agency, the orders and areas of application always vary and full of new challenges that we are eager to take.

vinivia Team unterstützt Charity
Schlumpe - Hockeystar
Vinivia - Hokeyteam Trikot Design
Vinivia - Hokeyteam Trikot Design
Schlumpe - Hockeystar

Vinivia Christmas edition

Just in time for the Christmas season, Vinivia would like to delight its loyal customers with a very special surprise. The idea for a Christmas box was born, which is equipped with all kinds of goodies in a festive Vinivia design.


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