Sweetest Fairy


Colors like champagne and roses, like the first day of spring and the smell of a freshly baked chocolate cake. Thin lines connected with beautiful flowers and leaves, which symbolize the natural ingredients and the special taste of the handmade cakes. A concept unique and aesthetic, luxurious and yet fragile. The perfect combination of two worlds.

Appreciation. Care. Love.

Cakes are the new bouquets.

Sweetest Fairy is a bakery and pastry shop from New Zealand, founded by Sarah Frost.They have made it their business to pack the sweet creations in a high-quality, magical and in this form unique overall concept to attract their customers.

At Sweetest Fairy, the homemade, high-quality and mostly vegan cakes and biscuits become an expression of appreciation, gratitude and affection for people you would like to give a special treat to.

Fine, hand drawn illustrations in natural motifs perfectly display the brand's values .

Aesthetics and dedication down to the last detail

Within the branding, all aspects of the brand concept are taken up and conveyed to the consumer through the logo, the color scheme, the carefully selected typography and, last but not least, through the elaborately hand-created illustrations. Through the creation process, the aim has always been to come up with the optimal balance of elegant as well as playful design elements and thereby point out the essence of the products.

Individual design for every taste

Each of the different products is assigned a specific color combination and an individual illustration. The product labels for the cake glasses were also created according to this principle. As a result, a whole set of different but matching labels were designed.

The colors of the labels are based on the color of the respective product. This creates a particularly appealing and harmonious unpacking experience. As a simple counterpart, the shipping boxes were designed uniformly and neutrally.

A very special thank you for every occasion

With every purchase of a Sweetest Fairy product, you have the opportunity to receive a very personal thank you card that matches the aesthetics of the present and completes the "Sweetest Fairy" experience. Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, Mother's Day or just a small gift, with an individual message, emotions can be easily put into words in a stylish way.

The magic of Sweetest Fairy -

both analog and digital

A brand feeling that goes far beyond advertising

The unique appearance of the Sweetest Fairy branding is not limited to the product design and the website, but even takes one step further. Therefore, merchandise items such as aprons, t-shirts or badges were created in a matching style that can be worn by employees or purchased in the online shop. All in all, it contributes to a magic that goes way beyond sweet treats and simply makes you happy.

"I really enjoyed working with Unerwartet Design Agency! Their work was to an extremely high level and met the brief perfectly. I highly recommend them for creative projects."

– sarah frost, ceo sweetest fairy


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