Cards for Procrastination


Cards for Procrastination is a set of 23 cards which helps you to procrastinate properly. Despite the stigma, it can even boost you being more productive.

Need some time off?

With these 23 cards for procrastination, you can take a little break and do something useful at the same time. Wrapped in colorful paper displaying 23 random facts about the number 23 and a reusable little box, you can take them anywhere you want!

A useful way to procrastinate

The concept of Cards for Procrastination refers to the Pomodoro technique where you take breaks between 5 and 20 minutes. On the right upper corner of each card you will find icons with the estimated time needed to complete the task – 3, 13 or 23 minutes.

The card set was designed, created and realised by Unerwartet member Valerie Zengerer and her colleague Miriam Leitinger as part of their Master's programme. All photographs were also produced by Miriam Leitinger.


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