Animale is a burger restaurant* that offers exotic burger menus and aims to awake the "roaring hunger" in the customers.

Titelbild Animale

A visit to a restaurant
like a safari through the Savannah

A design proposal for a branding concept of a burger restaurant was designed. Animale offers exotic burger menus. Only organic meat is used for the burger patties. from Austria is used. In addition, the careful selection of ingredients offers costumers an unforgettable restaurant experience with high quality.

The roaring hunger inside you. Animale stands for exoticism, enjoyment and quality. The bright green, pink, purple and yellow tones in the design conveys youthfulness and liveliness. In connection with the animal patterns it creates a high recognition value.

Exoticism as the main component

Quality is Animale's highest priority. Through the use of carefully selected ingredients and organic meat exclusively from Austria, customers are offered the highest level of enjoyment. The branding concept also reflects the exotic components. These make the burgers unique and guarantee customers an unforgettable culinary experience.

Unique and unmistakable

Animale's branding concept should stand out and differentiate itself from other burger restaurants. As part of the corporate design, in addition to the logo and the coordinated menus, there are also matching business cards and cloth bags as well as design elements in the restaurant. The overall impression of the design is youthful, colourful and exotic.



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