A Bulgarian company called NOVA Cosmetics, which sells its innovative cosmetic products internationally, commissioned us to design their new series of revolutionary anti-aging creams. These are named "Avrora" after the goddess of beauty in ancient Greece.

Noble. Minimalistic. High-quality.

Experience luxury, experience Avrora.

We were given the task of creating a visual identity and a packaging design for an anti-aging day and eye cream called “Avrora”. It is intended to appeal to a target group of women over 40 who want to do something good for their skin.

The cream prevents the first signs of environmental and age-related skin changes with the help of natural yet effective ingredients. If you want to treat your skin to a bit of luxury as a change from stressful everyday life, use Avrora.


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Extravagance that can be seen

The logo represents the metaphor of a blossom. Just as a beautiful flower lets its blossoms shine dedicated to a lot of care and love, so does the beauty of women. The gentle line art symbols consist of a combination of organic and geometric shapes. They represent the natural origin of the products combined with strong scientific research.

Elegance and expressiveness

The combination of nature and the strong scientific approach of the product is visible within the choice of typography, iconography and layout. The clearly structured lines and mono type indicate the scientific aspect of the product creation.

The color scheme emphasizes the closeness to nature and the elegance of the cream. The entire design looks very natural and trustworthy, but above all shines with its elegant, luxurious and extravagant touch which convinces the viewer.


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