Waist Train

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Waist Train is one of the biggest shapewear producers in Europe and is based in the UK. They have over 150k happy customers around the globe.

Shape your femininity. Wear waist train.

They believe that every woman deserves to look her best and feel confident in her appearance. This is why Waist Train created their range of high quality shape wear products – specifically designed to sculpt your silhouette and make you feel great!

The challenge was to create a logo and branding that is both minimalistic and modern while simultaneously representing femininity. In addition, the values of the brand should be transmitted: high quality, adaptiveness and most importantly self confidence of the customers.

A Sexy Twist

At first glance, the logo consists of two mirrored hearts. But it also shows a rotating body of a woman at the same time. The focus has been put on the twist as many customers left comments on the great flexibility of the products. And thus, this became the inspiration for the logo.

The color palette

In order to communicate the brand and its values ​​in the best possible way, a contrasting but soft color palette was put together. A deep crimson red as an erotic component, a dark mauve to embody elegance, a soft pink and light beige to represent the tenderness of the skin.

Website & Social Media

As the next step the design was then implemented on the web and social media. A particular concern was to highlight the many customer reviews both in the Instagram feed and as story posts and last but not least, to advertise individual shape wear products.

For this purpose, all Instagram post templates were designed, which can be used in a variety of ways with different contents. For the best possible branding experience, 10 icons were also designed, which have now been used on Instagram & Co.

"Many different concepts and Unerwartet Design has really changed my brand for the better!"



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