Lendtable is a US-based financial services platform that offers its customers cash advances to build wealth. 401(k) is a form of personal retirement planning that many Americans rely on for their financially secure retirement. To help as many people as possible with their retirement plans, we designed a simple yet provocative poster campaign for Lendtable.

Today for tomorrow.

Retirement provision easier than ever.

The goal of the project was to create an attention-grabbing poster campaign that encourages viewers to visit Lendtable's website and learn more about 401(k) Match. In order to stand out on the busy streets of New York, the message had to be creative and provocative. At the same time, however, the posters should be minimalistic and modern.

The result is simple, yet memorable. Burning money was used as a symbol to show the urgency of the subject and to reach the viewer personally. The rest of the poster is designed in Lendtable's corporate colors and impresses with its simplicity. The poster campaign was seen across New York in March 2022. 

First drafts

Based on Lendtable's existing corporate design, we initially worked with 3D illustrations. The aim was to create storytelling with simple graphics. The idea was to place the poster design with the car keys in the subway station and thus provocatively attract the attention of people who use public transport to get to work. After long deliberations, however, the style with real photos was chosen, since people find themselves more in real images and the urgency of the message reaches the viewer more quickly and easily.

Final poster campaign

After deciding to use real photos, we created a poster design with banknotes that disintegrate and fly away. However, to make the message even stronger, burning money was used as a symbol for the final poster.

"Unerwartet Design agency created an extremely compelling design for a billboard. They were very responsive and quick to respond to corrections. I would happily use Unerwartet Design again for future projects!"

- Celena Chong, Lendtable


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