Growth Consulting


Growth Consulting is an Austrian consulting agency that works with companies to develop, optimise and generate more value from their clients' mobile applications. It combines modern technologies with classic personal consulting. The challenge was to create a brand identity that reflects the ethos of the company: trustworthy and professional, yet young and friendly.

Unlocking the potential of mobile apps through innovative financial advice.

The logo, a monogram of the letters G and C, achieves a perfect balance between dynamic and stability. The interweaving of the letters symbolizes the unity of the company and the consultant, of the present state and the future goal.

Illustration is a key component of Growth Consulting's visual personality. The illustrations serve as a visual metaphor for brand messages. They communicate the growth method in a creative way and build a recognizable style.

Inhalte, die Interesse wecken. Illustrationen, die begeistern.

Growth Consulting

“Unerwartet delivered a stunning branding concept, CI/CD and website. They combined a lot of experience with a great working process and a high level of creativity. They definitely put in a lot of effort and did go the extra mile to surpass my expectations.“



Our team works remotely for customers worldwide. Take a look at our packages as a starting point or send us an email with your idea. We would be happy to provide you with a simple and free cost estimate for the implementation of the project.